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Novel Employee Benefit: Toilet Paper

Many of us in the wholesale distribution industry have access to bulk goods typically sold to commercial establishments – these are different packaging/supply chain than retail products and ARE available. Ease the burden of your employee’s time and frustration running around to empty retail store shelves. Buy pallets and GIVE CASES AWAY to employees at no charge. It will cost you a few thousand dollars, but demonstrates to team members that you care and want to relieve at least one aspect of this crisis from their mind. There’s a time and place to make money, this is not one of them. This is the time to come together and help our associates wherever we can. You have the ability, take action.

Ps – No kudos needed, I’m passing this along to spur a unique thought with something you can do for your employees today. People are our #1 asset and taking care of them isn’t our job, it’s our responsibility.