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NAFEM 2013 – A Look Back to a Bright Future Ahead

The NAFEM Show 2013

I just finished up a long week at NAFEM 2013 in Orlando which was fantastic.  The NAFEM (North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers) show only comes along every two years, this ensures there’s plenty of time between shows for new products to be developed and makes the show even more important to attend when it arrives.  Two years ago, the mood on the show floor was one of hesitation, doubt, and uncertainty.  This year however, the future looks bright for good things to come.  The event was so upbeat, attitudes were so positive across the board, I didn’t encounter a single negative view of what’s ahead.  This parallels the positive attitudes I’m seeing and hearing from customers of my own business.  The economy is back and is full steam ahead.  It will be interesting to see attitudes on a global economic scale when I return to Gulfoods in two weeks in Dubai.  I’m hopeful and optimistic the world economy is back on track as well.

The best part of the show as always were the people and relationships that make it all possible.  It was great to spend time with industry partners who I truly consider friends.  The NAFEM staff deserves kudos for the phenomenal job they did to make this all possible.  It’s no simple task to produce such a massive show, but they did so with military precision and a flawless execution.

Reflecting back upon the week of exhibits, meetings, dinners, parties, and sore feet from all the walking, I’m thrilled with the future outlook.  I’m energized and engaged to keep making myself a better person, build a stronger company, and reach for the stars to accomplish a long list of goals I want to achieve both personally and professionally.

Perhaps the most fitting event to top off the week was last night’s Jimmy Buffet concert.  Standing just a few feet away from Jimmy as he played with all his heart, I was reminded that along with all the work, all the meetings, all the efforts that are required for success, you’ve got to have some fun along the way too.  Work hard and play hard, I like it.

Here’s to a great NAFEM and a great future ahead in so many ways!  Cheers!