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Brad Pierce’s Personal Website Goes 2.0


Spring is in the air, out with the old, in with the new. My personal website has been stagnant for years. It served its purpose well providing a general background about myself and my business interests. The content itself was solid, but it looked old and antiquated by today’s web standards. As someone who lives and breathes technology and gives speeches on the subject, it was just plain embarrassing. So, it was time for a refresh, 2.0 style.

My new personal website, which is available at https://www.BradleyPierce.com, features clean graphics and a streamlined interface. It looks modern and is filled with well organized content including my professional profile and relevant web links.

My new personal website also features web 2.0 components such as the implementation of a responsive page design. This means that my website/pages scale automatically so they’re formatted in a way which looks great regardless of the visitor’s platform – desktop browser, tablet, or mobile phone. Check it out using your iPhone, the site looks fantastic! I’ve also integrated a live Twitter feed into the site which pulls my latest tweets from my BradinMotion Twitter account.

I’ll be adding even more features and content in the future as I see fit. Overall, I’m thrilled with the look and feel of my updated personal website!

Check out the new 2.0 version of Brad Pierce’s Personal Website by clicking here.